Find your Percentages

Your diet is based around these numbers you may eat what ever you can work into your numbers. The foods listed in your nutrition plan are ideal foods that will work right into you macros. Track all your food so that you are aware of what your are eating. This method will ensure that you will make a true CHANGE not just a physical transformation. Please stay as close as possible within your daily calorie range and your macro targets(pro, carbs, fats). Don't hesitate to contact a coach if you have ANY questions. 

You will be given a list of food options broken down by meal and macro count! You will be responsible for tracking your meals and staying within your calorie range and each specific macro range. The freedom is yours to eat what you want but you will soon find out that you only have so many calories available to fit into your macro-nutrients goals. This will teach you how to eat correctly and learn the true value of food! 


I have 400 cals remaining  |  Macro Nutrient Breakdown: 

40g of protein   |  30g carbs  |  3 g fat  

 What should I eat??

Option (1) McDouble: 
364 cals, 17g pro, 42g carbs, 31g fat

Option (2) 4 oz chicken breast, 1/2 Brown rice, 1/4 cup mixed veggies: 
347 cals, 40g pro, 32g carbs, 5g fat

Option #2 is clearly the best option and you get more food.. hopefully you get the point. 

please reach out if you have any questions. 


Now that you have your Calorie Budget & Macros its time to make a meal plan that you will follow for the next 4 weeks min.